Friday, September 25, 2009

Rock Star Day

so, today was Rock Star Day at school....Lil Earl went as Gene Simmons from Kiss......quite the transformation, don't ya think?!?

don't let the smile FOOL you!!!!

so, you avid readers may or may not remember the butterfly incident where Boo tried to eleminate the ENTIRE species.......
well, last weekend we went to a local park that has butterflies. she once again, tried her best to wipe out the winged, you may be asking yourself, how did you get that picture of her holding the butterfly and SMILING?!?!? IT'S DEAD!!!! yep, we found it being in a spider's lair and now it is her "best friend". he "lives" in a specimen cup (remember, mommy's a nurse;)) and goes everywhere she goes. so, she posed for a picture with her friend. you see, i thought i had got rid of it, ya know, thrown it away, but she came in with it again.....I will have to be more covert in my actions. I told her tonight is their last night together, that her precious friend will be gone just asked her where her butterfly is and she said"I don't know....maybe he flew away!!!" and took off running! that girl.....means she's hidden it from me...........never a dull least it's in a sealed jar!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

last day of summer

crazy weather we've been are the kids on the last day of summer playing outside. the next day.....boom!!!! goes from 110-60 in 24 hours!!! nothing like TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lil Earl is famous...

check out Lil Earl and Papa in our local paper....go to
I can't get it to link the address

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mario...old school

so, I found in our garage the old Nintendo from when we were kids, (Corey says it's his but it's in my possession.) they kids were amazed..... Lil Earl said "Mom, I didnlt know that there were games when you were little like me!!!" and "I thought they only had these in libraries (meaning muesems)" he's a mouthy little guy!!!;) they were TOTALLY baffled by the controls.(their used to the Wii. We/they played for a long time until it got too hot?!? I hope we can revive it...if not then I guess Corey can have it back!!!!!;)

camo girl

so, some might think that camo is intended to blend .......well not BOO. for her everything is glitz and glam.

Friday, September 11, 2009

from dance to soccer...........

so, Boo started dance yesterday. she has tap/ballet once a week and her recital will be in May. she is the only one in her class that is a first time student(you can start when you are 3 but she couldn't because of her school schedule last year.)Look how brilliant she is, she learned this and their class was only 45 min-1 hour!!!! and of course...........she's CUTE too!!!!then she went to SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!
she makes soccer look good too!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


so, Boo had her first game tonight. nothing funnier than watching 3&4 year olds playing soccer. she's the only girl on her team but is the only one who plays like a boy.;) notice her PINK socks? no they don't match but she likes them and her coaches don't care............don't sweat the small stuff............she makes it look good!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


lil earl had his first soccer game. it was a tie.........1-1. he played all but 5 minutes and was very tired........the field is a lot bigger this year, but he did good.