Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boo turned 7!!!!

Boo turned 7 this past week. (which, by the way is INSANE :( ) Anyways she had a party at the local bounce house place here in town and had a BLAST!!! Here are a few pictures....

Monday, September 19, 2011

where oh where have my babies gone?!?

So, I used to have these sweet babies......but suddenly they've grown up!!!! Lil Earl is 55 inches and has grown 1 and 1/5 inch since May!! Boo is up to his shoulder but I don't have her measurement ( I only know his because he went to the doctor last week). They are Growing before our very eyes...I swear it's every day!!!! The ONLY thing NOT growing is Boo's front teeth!!! LOL!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First day of school 2011

Wow!!! Today was the first day of school. Lil Earl started 4th grade and Boo started 1st grade! They are growing up too fast! The funny smiles are because they were saying "Cheeeeeese" while they were waving their arms and mumbling "HURRY UP....WE ARE GONNA BE LATE!!!!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Lil Earl!!!

where does the time go???? Lil Earl turned 9 today. seems like just yesterday he was born........

Monday, July 11, 2011

fun times

well, we have had lots happening since I last blogged. So this post has LOTS of pictures. (which are in a random order b/c I forgot how to upload them correctly I guess)Our Drive Inn theater showed GREASE last weekend and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE GREASE!!!! And, although Benito has tried to "shield" the children from my LOVE of GREASE, alas.......he FAILED!!!!! They LOVE it just as I do!!!!(insert evil laugh) So the drive in had contest to dress up like GREASE and if you got the most "likes" on their page you would win free tickets. Well,we didn't win but we had a TON of fun. And we made our shirts before the movie.

Lil Earl....cheese:) Boo.......cheese:)

back of shirt: "T" Birds

front: GREASE

back of shirt: Pink Ladies

back view of all of our shirts

front view of our shirts......LOOKIN GOOD!!! ;)

back view

they were ALL ABOUT these shirts.....:)

standing in front of big screen waiting for it to start

At the 4th of July parade they had DANA BOWMAN parachute in. He is AWESOME!!!! He was in the special forces and then he lost his legs in a jumping accident. Now he is a double amputee who travels world wide and parachutes in to events to help support the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. Go check out his site.....

Lil Earl and Boo with Dana Bowman

my nephew JJ pointing at his grandfather's name on the Veteran's Memorial

Clint and Enemee watching the parade

At the parade there was a banner to sign to support our troops........

my nephew JJ (age 3 1/2) with his hand over his heart during the National Anthem

Dana Bowman coming in for a landing

Dana Bowman high in the sky

Clint & Enemee at parade

Lil Earl watching parade

Boo watching parade

swimming at Grandma & PaPa's

went to chuck e. cheese and Lil Earl got HIGH SCORE on Nascar.....he is going to be like Uncle Corey.....he can beat any game he plays

Boo showing off her "no teef"

Lil Earl acting silly Benito being silly :)

Lil Earl with his teacher after awards ceremony

Boo with her teacher after awards ceremony

The girls had dance recitals on different days but had to dress in their outfits to get their pictures taken :)

fun day at the park with daddy

Enemee at her dance recital

hey, do what I do

family picture after Boo's dance recital. the sun was in our eyes

kids with Nana

Carnival came to town

carshow standing in front of Papa's truck

with Papa and Grandma at car show

Monster truck show came to town. Lil Earl got to ride "shotgun".

Boo doesn't go to Monster truck shows because it's too loud but the drivers were nice enough to let her get up close the night before because she is a BIG fan too. :)

can you find Boo?

there she is!!!!!

Bounty Hunter driver was the one who let us come into their "camp"....we were driving by and "stalking.....ummm....looking" at the 6 monster trucks and he waved us in. Then he sent us to see his buddies. Plus, we got autographs! :)

Whew, that's a LOT of pictures! As you can see....we've had fun....even went to the DALLAS ZOOz(will post those pics later). Hope to see you soon!