Sunday, September 19, 2010

how much....

♪♪♪♪How much are those children in the window...♪♪♪♪

Soccer time

It's soccer season again here at Hacienda Hernandez. Kids are enjoying, parents would enjoy it more if it weren't so stinkin hot! ;)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

hello again!!!! my hardrive on my computer crashed and i had to send my computer away ;( BUT it has been returned to me YIPPPPEEEEEEEEE:) here are a few catch up posts :)

CRAZY eyes

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor day fun & fishing

we took kids fishing this weekend. we caught LOTS of small fish, a few "keepers" and one "WEALLY BIG FISH". this is the first time we brought any home to clean. Ahh...making memories with the kiddos....PRICELESS :)

here are the 3 posing with the BIG UN....

Lil Earl and his big catch.....worth the hours of fishing for him to FINALLY catch a keeper that it took to see his smiling face :)

here the kids are watching daddy clean the fish (I remember doing the same with Papa Earl). Notice Lil Earl is wearing gloves, didn't want to get "fish blood" on him :) Boo thought it was cool, was playing with the fish heads and eyes ( like I used to do to freak corey out:))

headlock/hug...this was staged by the children..."HEY MOM!!! TAKE OUR PICTURE!!! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lol...poor brainwashed children!!! ;)

Usually Boo catches more fish than everyone else, this time she caught more MOSS than anyone else:) and she wanted to pose with it...go figure?!?! lol :)

here they are with what they thought was a big fish...we kept 3 or 4 more like it...later they deemed it a "medium" fish....

house of royalty?!?

here is the princess' mani/pedi she got right before school started. i had NOTHING to do with the design...she and the lady were in kahoots and i didn't see them until they were done. it's only her second time to ever have them done (although she did tell her daddy tonight that her nails were "gone and i need to go back"..sheesh ;))))

and here is George the rat dog on a couch that Boo has for her dolls. He is watching TV....PAMPERED POOCH :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

JJ turned 3!!!!

My nephew JJ recently turned 3 and had his party at Chuck E Cheese....what fun!!!!

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