Saturday, May 22, 2010

weekend fun

last weekend we had enemee ALL weekend. WHAT FUN!!! Bubble wands...$1 each, fuuny glasses... 4/$1......LOTS OF LAUGHS.....PRICELESS!!!!!!! enjoy the pics.


do you know these children?!?!

jump again....

group hug

Lil Earl drinking rain

Boo picked a flower

chees, Em

Enemee jumps

Lil Earl jumps

Boo and her bubbles

Lil Earl and his bubbles

Enemee likes bubbles too

totem pole

more funny glasses pictures...

p.s. i LOVE my new camera!!!;)


Corey recently had his junior recital at MSU. Here are a few pics...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

the kids and the Mr. took a trip to Wichita and we ate at Samuria (yum yum). Then we went to the mall and I got a massage. Then we went to Sam's and he bought me a new CAMERA!!!!! whoo hoo!!! yep, I am a brat;) But what stole the show was my cards the kids wrote.....Boo's said , "Dear Mom, you are as beautiful as _______" she said " a dog". When asked why she said that "there's nothing cuter than a puppy"
Lil Earl's card said "Dear Mom, you are the best mom I ever had." (I guess he's had his share of Hallmark, you got nothing on my babies!!!

Boo's first dance recital

This weekend Boo had her first dance recital. She of course was WONDERFUL!!! She loved it and says she's gonna be in dance forever....Here are some pics, wish I could get the videos to upload.....