Monday, June 29, 2009

the toothless wonder

so, Lil Earl has a problem, his teeth keep falling out!!;) this madness has to stop before the tooth fairy goes broke!

Friday, June 26, 2009

swim lessons complete!

WE ARE DONE WITH SWIM LESSONS!!! my children are officially fish!

coming to ears near you...

so, earlier this week we took Boo to get her molds made for her new "earWINGS" (hearing aides). she did very well, she'll do anything for the camera. Lil Earl was our photographer for the event while dad and mom watched. there are a lot of choices to be made when buying hearing aides, makes me a little nervous, but in the end we ended up getting the Phonak Nios III. (sounds fancy, huh?) technology is amazing! Boo got to pick the color....PURPLE. don't worry, as soon as we get them we will post pictures, should be about 2 weeks. She is VERY excited, let's just pray she stays that way. Aso, she is scheduled for her tonsilectomy on July 17. lots happening. we are so thankful that this is all minor compared to what it could be. WE ARE BLESSED!!!!

boo's favorite

here's what boo came up with the other day...(i'll type it out because it's hard to understand sometimes.)
me: hey, bella, what's your favorite word?
boo: um, ethan
me:what else?
boo:um, scotty
me:why do you like scotty?
boo:i like ethan and scotty
me:you like ethan and scotty?
me:say bye bye
boo:bye bye
she says this when you ask her who she likes the most. so much for the rest of us!!!

go cart

well, papa got the t-bucket go cart up and running and Lil Earl had a blast driving it. look at him go!!! Boo liked cleaning it, it was too fast for her liking.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

twirly skirt, baby ethan, and grandma billye

here are a few more pics from the family reunion.Melissa made boo and enemee twirly skirts. boo has worn hers THREE times this week(we got it Sunday) and it is currently in the wash again so she can wear it tomorrow. thanks Melissa, she LOVES IT!!!!


well, i finally got the videos to upload.....also, a couple of underwater pics

Friday, June 19, 2009


whew!!! what a busy month we've had since I last posted! The kiddos have had.we had memorial day where they dressed in their red, white, and blue. then we had VBS where we had 300+ kids everynight. I helped with the kindergarden class where we had 33 on our role. then we had family reunion in OK.
somewhere in there we also went to chuck e cheese (must have blocked it from my memory;))no, Boo is not with the REAL chuck e cheese, it is an imposter, but Lil Earl saw the REAL DEAL!!! oh, yes, Lil Earl IS going off the diving board in the (11 feet) deep end and swimming to the rope.
can't get the videos to load so i'll try later............