Monday, August 31, 2009

dresses from "Texas"

aunt lynda aka "texas" always sends the girls sweet outfits. these she made from antique pillow cases. aren't they precious? THANKS TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo op

ok, so we were running a little early for church yesterday and the kids said, "mom let's go take pictures!" of course, i couldn't resist. they even did most of the poses.........i guess they're naturals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

jj turns 2

so my nephew turned 2 last week, it's a shame he is camera shy........;)

soccer time

soccer time is upon us.....Boo is the only girl on her team. Lil Earl has his first practice tomorrow so I will post pics of him soon. I'm not so sure her coaches know what they're in for.............(the not so happy face is her "mean" game

1st day of school

well, the kids survived their first day of school.......Lil earl is in 2nd grade and Boo is in Pre-K. they were VERY eager for school this morning, only had to tell them to get up once....if only that would continue...*sigh*

Friday, August 21, 2009

newest junior officers

this last week, mon-thursday, the kiddos attended Kid Cop Academy. every night they learned different safety issues: stranger danger, bike safety, gun safety, etc. On Thursday they had "graduation". As you can see, they got there badges and (they think) are part of the department.....(I mean, why else would the police chief sulute them and give them a badge?!?;)) they also got those blue shirts they are wearing and bike helments....all for free!!!! how cool is that?!? thanks police!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

first tooth pulled by the dentist

so, lil earl had a stubborn baby tooth that just wouldn't come out. in fact, it was so stubborn, it was growing strait out and his permanent tooth was already coming in, so we had to call my friends at the dentist office. well, they got us in. lil earl was nervous because he didn't think the dentist was QUALIFIED to pull his tooth, i mean, mommy has been the only one and he said she couldn't give him any shots, only mommy does that too.... so mommy was a little worried how this would all go down. turns out, it was a piece of cake. they gave him grape gas and gooey gel. then they got their tooth pullers(pliers;))... the dentist had to pinch her finger with them to show that it wouldn't hurt then she wiggled it twice and out it came!!!! he was all done and no shots!!!! those girls rock!!!!! it pays to have friends who can "squeeze" me in like i do for them all the time;) i told them i might have to play that card again...j/k. she didn't even charge me. if anyone needs a good dentist, i can recommend a GREAT one................

Friday, August 14, 2009


last weekend we went to oklahoma to see grandma billye, aunt jeanie,uncle scotty,melissa and ethan. we had lots of fun.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


several posts about Boo lately, so Lil Earl posed specifically for this blog. he said "mom, take my picture for those people". he's a goober and really becoming quite the comedian. he tries to say lots of little one-liners but never gets them quite right, still pretty funny though. "who cut the tomatoes?" (cheese) or "enjoy your menu" (meal)..............lots more just can't remeber them at the moment. he keeps us laughing, just ask the grands...............

thanks melissa!

Melissa sent Boo this hannah montana purse that she made, she even put pockets on the inside. Boo, however, is using it to carry Nina because "she gets too heavy". whatever she uses it for, she loves it and THANKS MELISSA!!!!;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

greener pastures

alas, despite our valiant efforts, matilda elanor is no longer with us. the kids did well, a little sad but they knew when we got her she was sick and we were trying to "save her". when i told them at lunch i didn't think she would make it they said they wanted to say bye. so i took them outside and boo said"c-ya, matilda!!!!" and off she ran. bryce had more questions like "we don't have to cut her head off, do we?" (who knows where he heard that, i of course said, ew, gross) then he said "nice knowin ya matilda, we tried..." kids are kinda goobers but at least they aren't devastated. i told the boss man NO MORE COWS!!!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

matilda elanor

benito's boss gave the kiddos a 2 day old calf named matilda elanor (we did not name her, david's teenage daughter did and the kids thought that name was funny). david thinks that we can keep it alive, you'd think that he would remeber our track record isn't very good when it comes to for legged friends.....i wonder if a cow can survive with three legs?;)anyways, we are gonna try to keep it alive until it can return to the pasture safely and not get eaten by coyotes. here's to hoping.........