Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

this weekend we had a funeral in dallas to go to (my dad's brother, Gary). We decided to make a weekend of it. We took the kiddos to the Ice! show at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine. It was amazing! Everything was made of ice and the kids love the Grinch. As you can see, we had fun. the kids were happy that the people didn't forget baby Jesus. the next day we took them to Bass Pro Shop were they were eaten by the shark. If I don't post again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!

boo's leg warmers

Melissa made Boo some leg warmers for dance. Here she is modeling a pair. All the girls in her class wanted some. Thanks, Melissa!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Early Christmas

last weeekend we had early Christmas in oklahoma. i only managed to get a few pics, guess i was too busy playing with Ethan, minus the one time that i lost him ;)


one of the guys that Benito works with gave us there pom, Molly, as they could no longer keep her. she acts like she has been ours her whole life. the kids love her and she's not opposed to dress up as you can see. the kids took each other's picture with molly, not too bad!

Lil Earl got all A's

so, Lil Earl and Papa have a deal that if he gets all A's he gets to go to Wal-Mart. Here he picked out spongebob pj's.

Boo's turkey day program

here is Boo at her turkey day program. they had two perfomances, one for parents and one for the residents at a local retirement center. she is pictured with her "best friends" of the day as they change daily.